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Vasco Martins Sheet Music

Vasco Martins is a Cape Verdean musician and composer. Born in Queluz, Portugal, in 1956, he lives now in Calhau, Cape Verde.Self-taught, he began his studies in 1974. He was a member of the band Colá in 1976, but then went to Portugal where he studied with Fernando Lopes Graça and later to France to pursue his musical education with Henri-Claude Fantapié. In 1979 he recorded his first LP. He returned to Cape Verde, and it is there that he has created most of his work as a composer and instrumentist, but also as musicologist and producer, he organized and founded the Baía das Gatas Music Festival along with his friends in 1984, the first music festival in the nation. He released more albums including Quinto Mundo (1989), Eternal Cycle (1995), Memórias Atlânticas (Memories from the Atlantic) (1998) and Lunário Perpétio (2001). He released 4 Sinfonias in August 2007 which is related to his first four symphonies he made. His album Lua água clara (Clear Moon Water), a CD was recorded in Paris in 2008. He later made Li Sin which was released in June 2010, one of his singles were first heard on Praia FM, nearly two years later in January 2012, he released Azuris, the Latin name for Blue His recent album released was Twelve Moons released in Spring 2014

Vasco Martins - triangulair situation Piano Sheet Music

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